Evaluation and monitoring of projects and business plans

  • Assessment of Youth projects submitted within Erasmus+ programme (Client – Agency of International Programs for Youth, LV)
  • Assessment of Education projects submitted within Erasmus+ programme ( Client – State Education and Development Agency, LV)
  • Assessment of the business plans submitted for attraction of seed capital for business startups  (Client – State Employment Agency, LV)
  • Monitoring of early stage business supported by State Employment Agency, LV
  • Our experts assessed projects submitted for attraction of support within Leonardo Da Vinci “Innovation transfer” sub-programme (Client – State Education and Development Agency, LV)

Projects and business plans in the Field of Fishery and Agriculture

  • Development and supervision of two EU funded projects of the creation of fish farms based on the technologies of the closed cycle water recirculation systems (2 projects – each in the amount of ~ 2 800 000 EUR)
  • Preparation of EU funded project of creation of fish farm (amount ~ 1 600 000 EUR)
  • Establishment of the cattle farm for growing out 500 cows (total amount – 2 500 000 EUR)
  • Development of the apiculture and the plant growing farm (total amount – 1 300 000 EUR)

Projects and business plans in other fields of business

  • Investment Proposal, financial plan and analyses of a project “Development of the logistic and industrial park Mangali in Riga” (LV)
  • EU funded project and a development strategy “Development of the Centre of wooden architecture “Quarter Kalnciema””
  • Project and business plan of the development of the Exclusive guest house in Kolka (LV)

Projects and business plans of New Businesses

  • Malt production plant
  • Wooden toys production plant
  • Dolomite and gravel production plant
  • Production factory of the sanitary polymer ware
  • E – services of speech and sound therapy
  • Fashion design studio

Non – commercial and public projects

  • Development of a project description, implementation scheme and management plan of EU funded initiative “Youth guarantees” (National Employment Agency, LV)

Trainings we have delivered

  • To Ropazi Municipality (LV) on Integrated project management
  • To National Employment Agency on the evaluation of the efficiency and effectiveness of the implementation of EU funded programmes
  • To 2 municipalities in Latvia (Rezekne county and Vilani county) on the preparation of the Cost – Benefit analyses for the investment projects to be supported under European Regional Development Fund or Cohesion Fund
  • To 5 municipalities in Latvia (Alsunga, Rezekne region, Ropazi, Garkalne and Babite municipalities) – training on the principles of EU funds, preparation and implementation of the projects, development of the feasibility study and a cost – benefit analyses, and other related topics
  • To young entrepreneurs on the establishment of the business, development of first business plan, attraction of the seed capital and presentation of business idea to potential investor
  • To entrepreneurs, teachers and academics on the principles of social responsibility, aspects of the environment friendly business and shared our case studies from the companies located in North Europe

Researches, Analyses, Methodologies

  • Evaluation of results and impact of the European Social Fund programme (ESF activity) “Support to municipalities in increasing the capacity  in implementing projects ad measures cofinanced by EU and other support instruments” (together with SAFEGE BALTIA)
  • Capitalisation reports of Latvia-Lithiania cross border cooperation programme (2007-2013) in following fields: (1) “Sustainable and Clean Environment through Cooperation”, (2) “Improvement of Labour Mobility and Employment”, (3) “Social Inclusion as Precondition of Territorial Development”, (4) “Improved Quality of Living through Efficient Public Services and Administration” (together with SAFEGE BALTIA)
  • Research “Situation of man and women within large companies of Latvia” (together with SAFEGE BALTIA)
  • Methodology on the assessment of business plans of early stage businesses or potential business startups (National Employment Agency)
  • Evaluation of the system of integrated project management in Ropazi municipality (LV)
  • Ex – ante evaluation of the INTERREG Central Baltic cross border cooperation programme for period 2014 – 2020 (together with SAFEGE BALTIA)
  • Business environment analyses in Bauska and Rundale municipalities of Latvia and Birzi, Pakroja and Pasvalis municipalities of Lithuania, as well elaboration of the development strategy of the network of  the business support public libraries (together with SAFEGE BALTIA)
  • Questionnaire on the barriers of SMEs internationalisation in Finland
  • Case studies on the aspects of the social responsibility and environment friendly business running in North Europe
  • Thematic Evaluation of the attraction and implementation of EU funds, experience in preparation and management of EU funded projects in Rujiena municipality
  • Thematic evaluation of the attraction and implementation of EU funds, experience in preparation and management of EU funded projects in Rundale municipality
  • Thematic evaluation of the attraction and implementation of EU funds, experience in preparation and management of EU funded projects in Alsunga municipality
  • Analyses of the potential opportunities and development of the plan for attraction of support for further development of Alsunga municipality
  • Elaboration of development programme (2012 – 2018), development strategy, action plan and project pipeline of Karsava municipality

Legal consultations

  • Appeal procedures of the decisions on projects of the Rural Support Service (LV)

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