Erasmus+ // H2020

Experts of ArtSmart for several years have been Erasmus+ KA2 project evaluation experts for National Agency. More than 50 project applications have been evaluated.

ArtSmart, can help to develop Your project application, lead it from Your idea scratch till the final submition. We, as well, can help with partner search.

ArtSmart is very interested to participate in Erasmus+, H2020 or other international cooperation projects as Quality Assuers – we will help to keep the quality of Your project, will develop quality assurance handbook, execute quality assurance strategy and signal when Your project will not run as it planned – in other words, we will be a PoliceMan of Your project. 

Projects in implementation

cropped-logo-140x140-1KABADA – Knowledge Alliance of Business idea Assessment: Digital Approach (612542-EPP-1-2019-1-LV-EPPKA2-KA) Erasmus + Knowledge Alliance

The project is aimed at developing a tool based on an artificial intelligence for the assessment of business ideas and plans applicable to a wide range of young entrepreneurs for the promotion of self-employment and business activities.

The lead partner is BA School of Business and Finance (Banku Augstskola, Latvia)

More information:



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